Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

Terms of the use are renewing from time to time, in case of execute updates like this, Wethaq Application will display notifications so that the (user/client) can know about it continuation of the user using Wethaq Application depend on acceptance of next off terms and conditions as it overhaul every once in a while, for a better service. knowing that any Infraction for this agreement of the (user/client) may blocked his account without notification and without any Refund amounts in some cases.

Reasons of blocking account in Wethaq APP:

Wethaq APP has the right to block any account or even permanently block because of the Illegally using.

The user/client may receive warning because of the Infraction or any wrong using for the APP and the warning reaches to the user directly through the APP or the used email in the sign up, knowing that the warning doesn’t just block the account it will block it permanently as far as the Infraction.

Infractions that may block the account permanently:

  • Any infraction in the Terms and Conditions of Wethaq APP.
  • Harm the Wethaq APP or users with any way.
  • Stealing or harming any service of Layali Farhatina Corporation for Communications and Information Technology.
  • Share any private information not available for non-user as text or picture as the messages between the seller and buyer or technical support tickets messages and that considered privacy Violation of Wethaq that leads to permanently block.
  • Promotion Advertising for APPs like Wethaq.
  • Exploit Wethaq service to exploit and tricked others.
  • Use a stolen credit card to pay or illegal other ways to pay.
  • Abuse to other users inside or out Wethaq with any way.
  • Act like mediator between the seller and the buyer through Wethaq APP so that take the amount of the buyer and give it to the seller by himself this stuff will block all of the three accounts.
  • Sell the account in Wethaq APP.
  • Sign the male with female’s name and vice versa.
  • Repeat more than one Infraction of Wethaq terms or repeat adding user to his contacts.
  • Impersonate another person
  • Make a fake invitations or immoral invitations contrary to Islam or Saudi Arabia laws.
  • Use a design are incompatible with the Intellectual property laws.

Infraction Invitations

Wethaq APP has the right to Reject an invitation for any suitable reason the management see without Refund amounts in case the invitation infraction to the terms and conditions.

  • The unclear invitations or the invitations which include unclear words.
  • The political and Sectarian invitations.
  • The invitations which has infraction pictures, bad quality pictures or infraction videos to Wethaq terms.
  • The infraction invitations to the laws of countries, terms of other APPs or Islam rules.
  • Use pictures or videos infraction of Intellectual property laws.
  • The invitations which addressed to incorrect numbers or emails.
  • The sent invitations on behalf of other persons without their permission.
  • The invitations which used for purposes inconsistent with the service.
  • Automated services delivered through APPs or sites.
  • Invitations that lead to handling and payment outside Wethaq APP and services for virtual or real VISA cards, as well as PayPal activation services and related it.
  • The services which harm Wethaq APP or users directly or indirectly.


these terms are always undergoing transformation and development and the (user/client) needed to look over it periodically.

Dear customer, if you have any notice on a vague partial or a mistake on detail of the policy please alert us.

and we thank all who alerted us on the past mistakes.

Delivery policy:

Delivery of invitation cards is direct or According to the client’s request Specify the date of receipt of invitations.

Return Policy:

The resident can call to cancel invitation cards and can Full refund during 48 hours in case the invitation has been canceled before the Date of sending invitations.